Liberty Accountants Privacy Policy

We at Liberty Accountants acknowledge the importance of your privacy. This privacy statement explains what personal data we collect from you, through our interactions with you and through our services, and how we use that data.

Liberty Accountants offer a wide range of services, from company formations, self-employed registration, bookkeeping, accounts production, company and personal tax computation, business and tax advisory.

Personal data we collect

Liberty Accountants collect data to process and provide you with the best service possible. You provide this data such as when we request them for bookkeeping and accounts production, we can also get information about your business from Companies House and HMRC. Also, personal information to enable us know and deal with you better.

How We Use Personal Data

Liberty Accountants use the data we collect to provide you the services we offer, which includes using data to prepare VAT, accounts and tax computations. We also use the data to communicate with you, for example, requesting information (paperwork) for VAT/accounts preparation, informing you about your account for approval and services information. And we may use your data to help show more relevant ads, whether in our own services, or in services offered by third parties such as Banks, HMRC or Companies House. However, we do not use what you say in email, chat, voice calls, or your documents, photos or other personal files to target ads to you.

Sharing data

We will not share your data with any third party without your consent. Due to the nature of services we provide, we will need to submit your VAT returns, final accounts and tax computations to the relevant bodies. In such circumstances, your consent will be sought before we proceed.

Website Cookies
Cookies are also used for our website security protection plugin (called iThemes). This plugin reads IP addresses so that it can better secure the site – and offers an IP blacklist/whitelist to protect our site from being hacked.

You do have the option to disable cookies in your browser if you so choose, by finding your settings and following these instructions. This should not affect the functionality of the company website, but could affect other sites you may visit.

Emails from the Enquiry Form
Our Contact Enquiry Form is a simple way for you to send us details of the service you require from us. The information provided is only used for our company to build quotes for services offered. Only our colleagues process this information to build estimates/quotes in-house and information does not leave our office. We do not store these emails on a database and do not use them for mailing lists.

We never send unsolicited emails to our clients, and will only contact you in regards to any services you request from us. Emails are only backed up onto local disk drives and are not accessible to anyone who is not a company employee.

We do not share these client emails or email addresses with any external parties, unless we receive express permission from the client to do so (such as when forwarding on a message at their request).

We hold names, company addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses from our clients for invoices. This is only used for accounting and tax purposes. Under the GDPR we are not required to ask for consent to send invoices and other transactional emails to customers. We only use this personal information internally and do not share any information with other businesses or for marketing reasons.

The ‘Right to Be Forgotten’
Under the new GDPR, individuals can now request ‘the right to be forgotton’. If for any reason you’d like to have your personal data removed from our systems or to request a report of what data we hold on you, it is your legal right to request this and for us to comply within 1 month. We will provide a report to show you this has been done. For more information from the ICO regarding ‘the right to erasure’, please see here.

You can easily request a data report here or data deletion here

The system will send you an automated email confirmation link, and once confirmed will receive your report/deletion.